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Ticket Volunteers
Since we are trying to be a resistance to commercialization, with a completely FREE festival, volunteering, serves as an integral and most important part. 
This open call, is about all young people who have energy, passion, mood, love for music and cultural events and want to be part of the event by adding their own signature on 9th Kalamata Street Festival.
We are a group of people from all over the globe trying to get along. If you want to:
  • Become a member of the action
  • Participate in various processes of the festival
  • Live inside the intensity and creativity
Voluntary work is divided into two main parts, the Pre festival events and the days of Kalamata Street Festival.
  • Preparation & Remodeling Services
  • Promotion & Publicity of the festival (distribution of printed material in the local community, photographic coverage, social media)
  • Support for events
* The dates and requirements about the organization of the event will be announced shortly.
Festival 29, 30 & 31 July 2016:
  • Preparation and planning (cleaning, setup, framework)
  • Support space activities (track skate, basketball & volleyball)
  • Support of the Bar (drinks dispenser, food preparation)
  • Secretarial Support (updated ratings and information)
  • Coordination (check proper functioning and organization of events)
  • Production/Event Assistants (accompaniment of artists & compliance schedules)
  • Restoration upon the termination of the festival
Important Information for volunteers
  • The Festival covers a sample of food and drink costs during the festival, while coffee is free.
  • We are liable for switching among various tasks to keep you interested, the only thing you have to do is to have a good mood, fresh ideas, appetite for work and a collective spirit. You will work in an environment where appreciation and respect are given.
  • For your participation you will get a certificate during your volunteer program upon request.
  • Since you are committed to your duties as a volunteer you will also be responded for your actions (compliance schedules, consistently and on time execution of work, respect all other visitors, artists, organizers , etc).
  • Also is unequivocally prohibited the use of any narcotic drugs or the consumption of alcohol in big quantities during your duties.
  • All volunteers will be supported and guided, you will have the opportunity to participate in festival’s activities for the successful completion of the festival.
  • There will be a briefing prior the festival about the duties and responsibilities of each volunteer.